Thick Cord & Silver Bracelet
Thick Cord & Silver Bracelet
Thick Cord & Silver Bracelet

Thick Cord & Silver Bracelet

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This sterling silver bracelet is a perfect present for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even a treat yourself kind of day.

  • Silver bar 10mm in width
  • Silver bar 60mm length
  • 1mm thick silver
  • Adjustable waxed black cord

Personalise yours with any message choosing either 2mm or 1mm text.

2mm lettering is easy to see and obviously noticed on this piece of jewellery. 1mm lettering is more subtle, hidden and sometimes secretive… it just depends if you want your personalised message easily noticed or not. Also choose if you would prefer the text showing on the outside of the bracelet or hidden away on the inside.

You can personalise with just about anything. Here are some ideas from previous commissions I have made…

Names, dates, lyrics, quotes, sayings, personal jokes, anniversaries, roman numerals, coordinates from a special place… the list goes on! 


  • 44 characters (INCLUDING SPACES) with 2mm lettering across 2 lines
  • 88 characters (INCLUDING SPACES) with 1mm lettering across 3 lines

If there is an issue with your personalisation I will email you to solve it.


  • All symbols are available on this product

If you would like to add a symbol please do so in the personalised message box by adding brackets with the symbol and size required eg. (3-Heart 0.5mm) place this exactly in the sentence where you want the symbol to be. Eg. (3-Heart 0.5mm) I love you (5-flower)

Please see symbols on the photos.


Each character is individually hand stamped onto the silver using metal letter punches. Meaning the text may not be in a perfectly straight line… but remember… they are all handmade & this adds to the individuality of the jewellery!

  • Stamped with 925 inside (sterling silver)

PLEASE PLEASE check your spelling… once your personalised message has been applied to the jewellery it is irreversible and none refundable. Please double, triple, quadruple check your message! I would hate to send you a piece with a spelling mistake on.


  • 2-3 weeks for personalised jewellery
  • Within 1 week for ready to ship jewellery


  • Matte black gift box embossed with Lucy Addison Applied Artist logo in silver foil, gift boxes are free.